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Installing smart locks, ring doorbells, and other technology

Smart Locks

When it comes to upgrading the security of your home the first thing that any homeowner can do is install smart locks on your doors replacing the old ones. Smart locks are an easy alternative to help you enter and leave your home easier. Smart locks are unique in there own way with a digital password. One thing to always look out for them when you decide to switch to these is to make sure you always close the door all the way. If the doors not closed all the way the chances of the lock locking are slim. Another tip that I can provide you with is too always use good batteries. The last thing you need to do is use cheap batteries and get stuck outside. And also if this is a change you're wanting to make is recommended to stay with the current brand of locks that is on your home and to always make sure that this change is "okay" with your landlord if you are renting.

Ring doorbells

Ring doorbells are a type of doorbell that is steadily becoming more popular. Ring doorbells offer many futures. The first being instant alerts if at any time someone or something activates any of the motion sensors a notification will be sent to an application that you will have downloaded to your phone. Allowing you to know and also see everything that's going on. These doorbells also offer infrared night vision to allow you to get the best view outside your home in the middle of the night. Another bonus with this doorbell system is that all events are viewable through the application by scrolling back. this really is one of the perfect options when it comes to someone takes their home security very seriously.

Security cameras

Many homes nowadays have security cameras built-in to the houses so that they feel more protected. If this is something that you are curious about or we're looking to have a system installed please feel free to give us a call at 510-626-3000 and one of our highly trained staff members will be happy to help!