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San Francisco residential construction building in the bay area facts and stats

Last year housing construction was down 41% insane Francisco. In our only 2600 new houses were built in 2018. of the 2600 645 homes were deemed affordable two very low-income households. What people don't realize with the housing crisis in San Francisco is that in the year 2016 alone Oakland added 3000 people. This leaves them with over 426,000 residents and not enough homes. In San Francisco the average homeowner will have to earn a minimum of $172,000 a year to afford to pay for their home, this is just outrageous the average salary in San Francisco is around $88,000 per year making it not even possible for most. The average rent is around $1,700, Making this even extremely tough task to move out. With prices this high, how could anyone expect to be able to get a move on with their lives and move out in San Francisco?

That's where we come in! Our goal is to strive in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction as well as making the job as affordable as possible. We do whatever it takes to help cut the costs! We understand that we aren't like the rest and won't stop until we're the best! If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 510-626-3000.