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Why building in San Francisco is unique to other places in the USA

It's no secret that to live in California it's expensive. What a lot of people don't know is that San Francisco has the world's second-highest cost when it comes to construction. This is because of a few reasons the first being complex approvals, and seconde being a big labor shortage. This causes people to delay their projects because they don't have the funds anymore. In the city, it is ruffly over $300 per square foot in construction costs. To build an apartment complex it would cost around $425,000 per unit. These high building prices will then require higher rent to be paid.

With there being a labor shortage that has been going on, this has done nothing but cause the construction industry prices to be driven up! Being able to find solid subcontractors and skilled workers has probably been the biggest obstacle for new construction companies.

Another thing that people tend to overlook is that in San Francisco the homes are only just a few inches apart at times. You can hear your neighbors TV if it's up loud enough! Most homes in the Bay area are back to back and side by side, this was done because it is an old-style that was very common in old European settlements. They also did this because they wanted to compress the real estate to be able to build and make as much as they can. When they were building these homes they didn't plan on having side yards or front yards at first. In the unique layout techniques, they did this to try and have the house fill up the whole lot.

In the past year, San Francisco's construction has been down mainly due to the cost to live there! In the next year, San Francisco is working on plans to make it more affordable and to also add 40,000 homes. With San Fransisco currently being one of the most expensive markets for homes to live in this sounds like a plan that will sustain and be efficient. Because currently with how expensive it is there are not enough homes!